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Riletto bed (King) with wooden bedsides (L1 Leather)

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Bedroom furniture made of solid wood for healthy sleep from A to ZZZZ.

We make sure you have everything you need for healthy sleep, with metal-free solid wood beds, the ergonomically sophisticated aos sleeping system, and high-quality pillows and duvets. It’s important to us that the materials are natural and provide a sleeping environment that is free from harmful substances while offering optimal support for your nightly regeneration. To go with our range of beds, we offer a variety of bedside tables, dressers, and wardrobes that are also made of pure solid wood, with ingenious organisation systems that guarantee convenience and tidiness.


In this bed you don’t fall asleep, you float.

Recessed slides make our award-winning riletto bed appear to float. Its optical lightness is also emphasised by its fine proportions. The headboard and sides of the bed can be designed in wood or leather. The leather version gives the bed an exciting material mix. The riletto bed can be enhanced with stylish consoles if desired. They can be used as practical trays and are available with an integrated drawer. Alternatively, you can combine the riletto bed with the matching riletto nightstand. Traditional, metal-free bed joints ensure a healthy sleep environment and make our bed particularly stable.


Dreamy craftsmanship.

Our carpenters get all dreamy about the riletto bed. Because the handcrafted perfection and the love of the wood is evident here in many of the details: the solid wood chamfer connecting the headboard and the bed, the consoles that are attached solely with traditional wood joints, and the headboard of pure and solid wood that tapers off artfully towards the top.




    Each TEAM 7 piece of furniture is custom-built and made to order in Austria. 

    Please contact Pepper Design as to shipment dates & availability.

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